Current TREADSURE® Product Distributors

Our unique anti slip surface treatment is currently distributed by the organisations listed below. We are currently seeking a limited number of distributors and sales partners. If interested please see more information here.

Current TREADSURE™ Distributors

Seton Safety Shop

TREADSURE® is available at the Seton Online Safety shop.

Established in 1956, Seton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and distributors of health & safety and facilities management solutions. With businesses in 18 countries, Seton ships millions of orders worldwide to over 500,000 customers every year.

Health and safety laws grow increasingly complicated. Seton make it easy for you to comply with legislation by providing products which ensure compliance.

For trade sales go to the Seton Safety Shop.

For online D.I.Y. retail sales visit the TREADSURE Amazon Shop.

Become a TREADSURE™ Product Distributor

safety product distributors wantedWe are currently seeking distributors for TREADSURE™ Anti-Slip Floor and Footwear and future new technology safety products.

If you have a current business with an interest in heath and safety, footwear safety, personal safety equipment or other related industries TREADSURE™ Anti-Slip Products could be the ideal addition to your current product offerings.

If you are interested in adding TREADSURE™ to your current product offerings please see here for more information.

Become A Safety Product Installer

With rapid growth we cannot provide all of the installation services ourselves. This opens a profitable opportunity for others who are interested in installing our safety products, therefore we are seeking installers in the UK and Ireland. Please see our Business Opportunity page for more details.

Unique Anti-Slip Details