Why is the TREADSURE® Anti-Slip Treatment Different?

treadsure traction results,increased surface traction,anti-slip surface treatmentUnlike other traditional anti-slip products and treatments TREADSURE®:

  • Simple to install. See instructions here.
  • Increases traction without a lot of additional labour
  • Is not expensive to treat large areas bringing cost savings
  • Can be applied in high traffic areas with minimal inconvenience
  • Can be applied easily by most people
  • Does not change or damage the physical properties of the treated surface
  • Is the only product available for the direct treatment of footwear to increase traction.
  • Has almost no scent and does not change the appearance of the treated surface.
  • Cannot create ‘trip hazards’ like some other anti-slip solutions


Applying TREADSURE® will:

  • Increase traction and lower the risk of slips and falls
  • Is affordable, environmentally sustainable and durable
  • Work without the need for to change current cleaning regime*
  • Reduce the incidence or slip and fall injury claims
  • Improve insurance premiums when arranged with your insurer
  • Reduce the cost of other less effective anti-slip products

TREADSURE® Enhances Traction Without Changing The Surface

TREADSURE® is NOT AN ETCHING product. It does not change the physical properties of the treated surface.

treadsure anti-slip surface treatment

Why use the TREADSURE® Anti-Slip Treatment?

TREADSURE® has many advantages over the current common solutions to slip and fall hazards that often bring problems with them.

Existing anti-slip solutions are primarily:

Solution: Anti-slip tapes and adhesives for stairs and around entry and exit points
Problems: Can cause trip hazards and are expensive to cover large areas. Are uncomfortable under bare feet and can detract from the ascetics of a surface.

Solution: Paints and surface treatments containing additives to increase surface texture
Problem: Change the physical appearance of the treated surface and are inconvenient to apply in high traffic areas. They can also be very expensive.

Solution: Etching chemicals
Problem: They change the properties of the treated surface. These changes can rarely be reversed and can be damaging to the surface, both visually and physically.

Solution: Anti slip mats or carpets
Problem: Have been shown to create trip hazards and can be difficult to keep clean. They are often not economical to cover large surface areas. They change the physical appearance of a surface.

The TREADSURE® Anti-Slip Treatment removes these problems and at an affordable price.

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