DIY Anti Slip Treatment For The Home

Until TREADSURE came along it was almost impossible to find a way to make slippery floors safe in the home. The most common method was anti slip mats that brought with them hygiene problems and trip hazards.

TREADSURE is different. Easily applied using a paint roller, spray pack or cloth with NO dangerous chemicals to handle and NO special training or equipment required. Treadsure is water-based, non toxic, environmentally friendly and  is the best DIY solution for slippery floors in the home, especially bathrooms and kitchens.

Tiles, Lino, Marble, Plastic and More

displays a black tiled bathroomTREADSURE is applied to hard smooth surfaces to increase traction, working on tiles, lino, marble, plastic and other hard floor surfaces. Treat your slippery shower tray and even in your bath. Invisible and odour free Treadsure does not etch, burn or change the appearance of your floor.

Slip and Fall Accidents In The Home Are Common

Slip and fall accidents are a HUGE contributor to hospital admissions in the United Kingdom. More victims of slip accidents are admitted by the NHS than pedestrians hit by cars and cyclists knocked off their bikes combined. The NHS spends almost half a BILLION pound each year treating elderly people for slip accidents in their homes, only to send them home to the same slip and fall problems! THAT DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN!

Not For You Then Someone Else

If this is not for you make it for someone you care about. An elderly relative or friend’s life could be changed forever from a slip and fall accident. You could help prevent it.

Don’t let a slip accident happen to you or someone you care for. Safety and Peace of mind is available on Amazon for less than £60.00.

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