Importance Of Protection Against Slips and Falls

the importance of protection against slip and fall accidents

Slip and fall hazards are an ever present danger in our lives. They are disruptive to our health, families, businesses and our profits. They are even fatal in some cases. Whether you are at work or enjoying a leisure activity the risk of slipping and falling is almost always present.

Some recent statistics indicate that:

  • During 2017/18 there were an estimated 20,000 slips trips and falls in the United Kingdom workplace
  • They accounted for 31% of all non-fatal work related accidents
  • This resulted in an average of 7.8 days off work or nearly 1 million lost days
  • The cost to our society is over £800 million per year
  • There are over 50,000 victims of slips (same level falls) admitted to Accident and Emergency each year
  • The NHS spends close to half a billion pound treating elderly people who have slipped in their own homes
  • More victims of slip and fall accidents are admitted to UK hospitals than pedestrians and bicycle riders hit by vehicles combined.

Injuries are not only expensive to the economy they create many problems for victims and have a devastating impact on quality of life for many families. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) created the ‘Shattered Lives‘ campaign to help reduce slip and fall incidents. We are here to reduce and protect against these types of accidents.

TREADSURE is Making Slippery Surfaces Safe

At TREADSURE our mission is to reduce the above accident statistics by making slippery surfaces safe. We provide a full range of products and services including;

  • Floor Slip Resistance Testing – see details here.
  • Anti slip treatments and solutions for any environment
  • Floor repair, refurbishment, maintenance and deep cleaning
  • Anti slip solutions for residential premises
  • Assessment and advisory services for slip and fall hazards

If you need help with your floors please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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