Marble Floor Problem For Most Anti Slip Treatments

anti slip treatment marble floors

Treating marble floors for slip hazards is an issue for most other products. Anti slip products which etch open the pores of the marble and leave it vulnerable to staining. Paints, resins and mechanical-etching are unsuitable due to the colour and texture change. What is the solution?

treadsure anti-slip surface treatment

No surface etching, no damage.

Not A Problem For Treadsure

Treadsure does not etch or mechanically change the marble surface. It adds millions of nano peaks the surface that are invisible but increase the traction by fifty percent. The surface is unchanged and undamaged by treatment and also provides a measure of protection that makes cleaning easier.

Where Do You Get TREADSURE?

Treadsure is available at our UK Amazon store or by contacting us online or calling 0330 333 0476. We have area managers around the UK who would be happy to speak with you about the product and it’s easy application.

Treating black tiles also poses some challenges for anti slip products. See our page on anti slip treating black tiles and see how TREADSURE gets the job done.