Anti-Slip Treatment Business Opportunity in the UK

Are you seeking a profitable value add service for your existing business or a low cost business startup? A TREADSURE™ Anti-Slip treatment service could be business opportunity you are looking for. Our unique nanotechnology product has only just been introduced to the market and the opportunities to earn greater profits are almost limitless.

With slip and fall accidents a common issue in the workplace and in the home TREADSURE™ is the perfect product with a vast market, much of which is untapped for our products unique anti-slip features.

All you need to do is become an official installer and we will help you with the rest. If you do not already have clients we will also show you how to create a client base and engage with them.

This is a business opportunity to build an ongoing income through initial installation and periodic re-application of the TREADSURE™ treatment.

An Easy Startup Business or Safety Business Value Add Service

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As an installer of the TREADSURE™ anti-slip treatment you have an opportunity to add further profits to an existing business, or operate solely as an independent installer with minimal outlay in time or funds. You can work at your own pace, either full time or part time. You make the choice.

Not only will you be earning you will also be helping people avoid dangerous slip and fall accidents. Did you know that during 2015/16 there were an estimated 20,000 slips trips and falls in the United Kingdom workplace. This does not include slip and fall accidents that were not reported, many of them in the home! You can help reduce these numbers and earn an income or increase your existing profits.

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What Do You Need To Get Started

Although some basic training will be required there is no requirement for special or expensive equipment.

If you can use a pump sprayer, mop and bucket you can be a TREADSURE installer OR offer an anti-slip treatment service to your clients. You will require a means of transport to go your installation jobs. You won’t need a large van or truck.

Commercial Installations

Commercial anti-slip installations include but are not limited to;

  • Restaurants and Take Away Food Outlets
  • Shopping Precincts and Retail Outlets
  • Schools and Universities
  • Office and Factory amenities
  • Care and Residential homes
  • Sports and Leisure Centres
  • Gyms and Fitness Centres
  • Pools and Wet-room Facilities
  • Laboratories and Medical Facilities
  • Animal Care and Veterinary Facilities

Industrial Installations

Industrial anti-slip installations include but are not limited to;

  • Factories and Workshops
  • Construction sites
  • Transport Hubs and Vehicles
  • Car Valeting Centres
  • Portable Buildings and Site Offices
  • Marine Vessels and Marine Facilities

Residential Installations

Residential anti-slip installations include but are not limited to;

  • Bathrooms and Showers
  • Kitchens
  • Conservatories
  • Outdoor Decking
  • Slippery Footpaths
  • Garages and Workshops
  • Spa and Swimming Pool Surrounds

If you are not already familiar with the TREASURE™ anti-slip product you can read more on the Product Overview page and in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Register Your Interest

To register your interest please call on 0330 333 7426 (local call cost) or complete the enquiry form below.