anti slip treatment black tilesAnti Slip Treatment For Black Tiles

Treating black tiles with anti slip products can be tricky and costly if you are not careful. Many products will turn black tiles permanently grey due to their etching effect. Once this happens it is unlikely that they will ever be black again. We are sure that those that buy and install black tiles prefer them to remain black after anti slip treatment.

That is why we recommend TREADSURE as the solution to slippery black tiles. TREADSURE is not an etching product and does not change the physical surface of the treated tiles, therefore it does not turn black tiles grey.

Non Etching Anti Slip

When applied TREADSURE provides a nanotechnology  coating that has millions of microscopic peaks that increase traction under shoes and bare feet, without creating a permanent colour changing texture on the tile surface. Additionally because TREADSURE is water-based and easy to apply it is suitable to use in bathrooms, kitchens, adjacent to swimming pools and spas and any other areas where black tiles might be used.

Black Tiles That Have Been Treated With TREADSURE

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One of the black tiles in the photograph has been treated with TREADSURE and as you can see it has remained black with little difference to the adjacent untreated tile. Can you tell which tile has been treated?

If you have slippery black tiles that present a slip hazard contact us for more information on how they can be easily treated using TREADSURE, without the risk of turning grey.

Treating marble floors for slipperiness can also pose problems. See our page on treating marble floors with anti slip products and see how TREADSURE can get the job done.

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