Anti Slip Testing and Treatment Services

slip safetyAnti slip testing and treatment services are our business. Whether you are a large of small business or a private home owner seeking a treatment for slippery floors we provide the solution. So, before you go to the expense of replacing a slippery floor contact us. It could save you a lot of unnecessary expense and inconvenience.

Best Possible Anti Slip Solutions

From our DIY Treadsure product to our professionally installed anti slip floor coatings, you can be sure that we can provide a solution to any slippery surface problem, indoors or outdoors.

floor slip testing serviceUnsure on how to solve your slip problem? We will advice you on the BEST possible solution. We slip test your current floor using the British Standards approved pendulum method. From there we will usually advise on a deep clean of your floor. After the floor is deep cleaned we will then re-test to confirm if additional anti slip treatment is required. You can read about slip resistance testing here.

Where additional anti slip treatment is advised we provide the most suitable method for your particular circumstances. We then offer to install and then re-test your floor to provide proof that you now have the required level of protection. It is important to us that you, your staff and your visitors are safe from the damaging effects of slip and fall accidents.

Regular Slip Testing Service

To ensure that you stay safe we will offer to come back and test your floors at regular intervals. This would usually be every 12 months.

We do not oversell you on what it required to solve your slip problem. Our anti slip testing and treatment services are based on honesty and many years of experience.

For advice and information on anti slip treatments and testing contact us. We are always happy to help.