Anti slip treatment for marble and natural stone floors needs careful consideration. The following should be taken into account BEFORE applying any anti slip product;

  1. Will the product damage or permanently change the floor?
  2. How will the product change the colour of the floor?
  3. Does the product produce a nasty smell?
  4. Will the product seal the surface or open up the pores?
  5. Are there restrictions on the use of certain chemicals in the area to be treated?

These are important questions to ask yourself before deciding on which product to choose to solve a slippery floor problem. Failure to choose the correct solution can result in permanent damage to your floor.

Marble Floors

anti slip treatment marble floorsMarble floor can create a place of beauty. A place where you would not want to see stains or blemishes in the marble. Marble can also be a dangerous surface with slips and falls being a real concern.

Most anti slip products will change the colour or physical properties of a marble floor and can even open the pores of the marble, diminishing the beauty and exposing the marble to stains.

TREADSURE does not open the pores of marble floors or change the physical appearance, but it does provide a traction enhancing barrier to the surface, reducing the risk of slip and fall accidents.

Natural Stone Floors

anti slip natural stone floorThe treatment of natural stone floors can be as tricky as treating marble. Applying an anti slip product that seals the natural stone floor can result in a build up of lime and salts, discolouring and eventually damaging the stone. Additionally products which etch the surface can create a less than satisfactory finish and have created a permanent texture in the surface. This can be of particular concern in listed buildings where there may be restrictions on causing physical changes to the property.

TREADSURE does not seal the surface and lets the stone breathe naturally. It does not etch the surface, change the colour or create any nasty odours.


TREADSURE is the solution to these problems of treating marble and natural stone floors for slipperiness. Our unique traction enhancing product;

  • does not damage or change the physical surface
  • does not open the pores of marble
  • allows natural stone to breathe
  • creates an almost invisible barrier
  • is odour free and environmentally friendly
  • is water based and does not need specialist equipment to apply
  • enhances traction that reduces the chance of slipping and falling
  • helps protect your family, staff and visitors from slip and fall injuries
  • is so easy to apply almost anyone can do it

Contact us or Buy Online

For treatment of marble and natural stone floors you can purchase through our Amazon Store for a quick and easy DIY application. If you need more information or require installation please contact us. We are always happy to help.

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