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TREADSURE Anti Slip Products and Services

Anti Slip Products and Services are our speciality. We are the UK manufacturers of TREADSURE® Anti Slip products and we provide anti slip safety systems, floor slip testing, floor repair, refurbishment and deep cleaning services for commercial, industrial and residential clients. Please see below for details.

Protect Your People – Protect Your Reputation – Protect Your Insurance Premiums

DIY Anti Slip Solution for Home and Workplace Application

TREADSURE® Traction Enhancement is:

  • Colourless, odourless, affordable and easy to apply
  • Does not change the colour or physical properties of floors (non-etching)
  • No special training or equipment required
  • Safe and environmentally friendly for home and workplace application
  • Ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, offices, showrooms and many other slippery surfaces
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Marble, stone, tiles, lino and other hard flooring surfaces are all compatible with TREADSURE.

Available in 1 Litre packs, 5 Litre packs and Footwear Treatment packs at our Amazon shop. 100% money back guarantee.

For advice or to arrange a call back please contact us. See the TREADSURE anti slip product overview page for more details.

treadsure anti slip for the home
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Anti Slip Systems, Testing Services, Deep Floor Cleaning, Repairs and Refurbishment and Coatings

Floor Slip Resistance Testing

Using HSE & British Standard approved equipment we will come and test the slip resistance of your floors and offer advice on how to make the floors safe if they are found to be slippery.  We recommend that testing is performed at least annually and can arrange an optional scheduled annual inspection. We also offer pre-installation testing for architects and specifiers to ensure that future flooring in compliant with safety regulations.

To arrange slip testing or for more information please call us on 077833 39773 or contact us online.floor slip testing service

Floor Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning improves the traction of floors and provides a healthy working environment. Depending on footfall and surface usage deep cleaning should be carried at least every 6 months to minimise slip hazards.

For an obligation free estimate for deep cleaning of your floors or for advice please call us on 077833 39773 or contact us online.commercial floor cleaning

Resin and Protective Coating Installation

We supply and install clear or coloured surface treatments that deliver hard wearing anti-slip surfaces and protective coatings to repel oil, stains, water and dampness. We even have a protective treatment to help with the common chewing gum problem faced by most local authorities.

For an obligation free estimate or for more information please call us on 077833 39773 or contact us online.water based anti slip coating

Anti Slip and Anti Skid Systems

We offer anti slip and anti skid systems for any surface in any environment. We will visit your premises and carry out a full survey to ensure you have all of the anti slip protection that is required to protect yourself, your staff and your visitors from slip and fall hazards.
Treadsure, Anti-slip,slip fall prevention

Floor Repairs and Refurbishment

We offer a wide range of floor repair services to repair worn out and uneven floors that could cause slip, trip or fall accidents. We also refurbish floors in all environments including factories, schools, offices and warehouses.

See all of our floor services and for advice or to arrange an obligation free estimate please contact timber floors in schools

Floor Coatings and Treatments

At TREADSURE we supply a wide range of floor coatings and treatments for indoor and outdoor use.

These include; resin safety flooring, protective coatings, oil and stain resistant coatings, driveway seals, screeds, mortars and adhesives. These products are suitable for commercial, industrial and residential application.

Installation and DIY packs are available. See our range of floor coatings and treatments and if you are not sure of your requirements please contact us for advice.foor resin and protective coatings

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