At the time of writing this the United Kingdom is experiencing a rare hot and dry spell. Some of the hottest days in more than a decade have been recorded over the past weeks. This type of weather takes our minds off slippery surfaces and slip and fall accidents, but unfortunately the National Health Service will still be admitting and treating slip and fall victims.

slippery suface,swimming pool,anti slip treatmentSwimming Pools and Wet Area Hazards

Swimming pools are at capacity as UK residents try to escape the heat and with this the incidents of slip accidents around swimming pools will have increased. These accidents can be minimised through enforcement of the ‘No Running’ policies and continual vigilance of slippery surfaces. Even then slip and fall accidents around pools and wet areas will occur.

Sensible management and treatment of slippery surfaces will reduce the occurrence of slip accidents, thereby saving lives, cost to our health service and the risk of legal claims.

slippery suface,heavy rain,anti slip

Dry Outdoor Surfaces

The dry weather will take our minds off those outdoor surfaces that are slippery when wet. It seems a long time now since we have slipped or witnessed a slip in the wet. Those slippery surface are still there, waiting for the rain to come and give them back their slippery coat.

While it is dry is the best time to apply TREADSUREĀ® to those surfaces for the wet days ahead. It is irresponsible and dangerous to leave it until it is wet and slippery again before taking action, and it could be someone you care for that slips and falls.

Protect Yourself and Those Around You

Your active prevention of slip accidents not only protects you against legal claims, it protects people against serious and often life changing injuries. To us that is the most important reason to install TREADSUREĀ® anti slip products, and there is never a better time to do it than right now.

Contact our distributors for your TREADSURE anti slip products or contact us for more information or to arrange an installation. Don’t leave it until someone slips and falls. That is always too late.