TREADSURE® Anti-Slip Can Be Applied To Most Solid Surfaces

Below you will find the simple instructions to apply TREADSURE© to floors, hard surfaces and footwear.You can also download the instructions for printing.

TREADSURE© is non-etching, water-based, environmentally friendly anti-slip treatment designed to decrease slips and falls without changing the colour or physical properties of most solid surfaces, even the soles of footwear. Treatment of surfaces is easy, convenient and does not cause expensive downtime and lost production. There is no need for special equipment and most people would be able to apply our anti-slip solution effectively by following the instructions below.


Easily Applied

Instructions to Apply to Floors and Solid Surfaces

  1. Ensure the surface to be treated is completely clean and dry
  2. Apply TREADSURE™ using a pump spray, brush or mop and bucket
  3. Keep surface wet with TREADSURE™ for one to two hours for most surfaces (apart from footwear – see below). If surface begins to dry apply more TREADSURE™ to drying area
  4. Test the surface with a clean shoe or foot to feel increased traction
  5. When sufficient traction is felt wash away or wet vacuum to remove residual TREADSURE™

Your floor now has increased traction, resulting in the reduction of dangerous and expensive slip accidents and is ready to walk on.

Your can download the TREADSURE Floor treatment Instructions

Instructions to Apply To Footwear

anti-slip for slippery shoes

Adds Traction To Footwear

TREADSURE™ can be applied to the soles of ALL footwear ti increase traction and reduce slips and falls.

  1. Ensure soles of footwear are completely clean and dry
  2. Place footwear into a clean shallow tray (a paint tray is ideal)
  3. Pour enough TREADSURE™ to cover just the soles of the footwear
  4. Leave footwear in tray for 12 to 24 hours ensuring at intervals that the TREADSURE™has not evaporated
  5. Remove the footwear and rinse the soles with water to remove residual TREADSURE™

That’s it. Your shoes now have improved traction and the risk of you slipping and falling has been reduced.

You can download the TREADSURE Footwear Treatment Instructions

When to re-apply TREADSURE™

On Floors

The re-application of TREADSURE™ will depend on the surface and the use. TREADSURE™ has been used areas of high traffic (approximately 2.3 million pairs of feet have passed over it within 6 months) with the loss of only 15% traction.

On Footwear

On footwear it will vary depending on the use and the surfaces walked on. For every day use walking on footpaths we would recommend re-application every three to six months. For work boots and sports shoes re-application could be sooner depending on the environment that are used in.

TREADSURE™ is available at our Amazon UK store or for more information please contact us.