Most property owners protect you from slip and fall hazards by following safety regulations and installing safety devices. Unfortunately you will still come across slippery surfaces and the risk of slipping and falling. If you do slip and fall there are some actions you should take to ensure you are protected from loss of health and loss of earnings.

See A Doctor

slip and fall injuryFor your own health and well-being it is essential that you seek medical assistance immediately. Although you may feel embarrassed and do not feel a great deal of pain at the time, injuries and pain can appear at a later time. If you need legal help in the future it is important to demonstrate you have taken action to protect your health and any injury has been documented.

Let The Proprietor Know

It doesn’t matter where the accident occurs, notify the owner or the responsible authority as soon as possible. This allows rectification of the problem area to protect others, and to record the event within their oganisation. Be sure you obtain written confirmation of their accident report.

Write Your Own Notes

Create your own report as soon as possible so you always have a clear recollection of the incident. It is essential that you have a clear record of what happened in your own words, particularly if you require legal assistance.

Answer As Few Questions As Possible

If asked questions by the property owner or insurer stick to the facts, do not blame or accept liability. Do not agree to any official statements without your own legal representation. Do not post any information about your accident to any publicly accessible media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc,.)

Seek Legal Advice

If you have lost income or have suffered pain resulting directly from the accident seek legal advice from a reputable legal firm. Many legal firms will provide free initial consultations to assess whether you are able to make a financial claim against the property owner or authority.

It is the responsibility of all property owners to ensure they take reasonable measures to protect their visitors and customers from health hazards. Failure to do so can lead to prosecution and/or legal claims.

NOTE: This article is not to be considered as legal advice, nor is it intended to encourage legal claims.

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