treadsure trademark,anti-slip products,safety productsOn the 29th June 2018 Arkad Health and Safety were pleased to announce the successful registration of the trademarks ‘Treadsure’ and ‘Tread Sure’ with the UK Intellectual Property Office. This is in line with our branding for the TREADSURE® Anti-Slip products and for future product offerings.

Five goods and services classes were approved including

  • ‘Chemical preparations for the treatment of floors for use in industry; floor treatment for anti-slip; floor coating for anti-slip’
  • Floor sealant (Please note – our TREADSURE Anti-Slip product is not a sealant)
  • Floor finishing preparations
  • Protective footwear to protect against slipping
  • Floor coating services

New Technology Safety Products

In addition to our current products our aim is to offer a wider range of new technology safety products. These could be safety software, ladder attachments, illuminated safety treads and exclusion barriers, safety harnesses or other products within the slip, trip and fall safety categories.

We are currently seeking additional ‘new technology’ safety products. If you own or manufacture a product that you consider would be a suitable addition to the TREADSURE® range and would like a route to market please contact us to arrange a meeting.