slippery stairs, anti-slip tilesSlippery stairs are a common and ever present danger to human health and life. While traveling this week we came across these stairs that had been taped off due to slippery conditions. They are covered in ceramic tiling (the anti-slip type) and pose a real slip and fall hazard.

Think Slip Safety Before Ascetics

The design was meant to be attractive but also created exposed sharp corners. Combines with the slippery tiles the results of a slip and fall on these could have been fatal. When architects design a building they take into consideration the risk to personal safety. We do not understand why these stairs were ever approved before they were built. It could have something to do with the era they were installed.

A treatment with TREADSUREā„¢ could reduce the risk of a slip and fall accident, we could not solve the sharp corners though and they are a major issue in this scenario.

Thankfully the owners plan to replace them, at what we would guess to be a substantial price and interruption to the normal foot traffic. A price worth paying to save someone from a serious accident.

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