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Don’t Risk A Slip And Fall Claim

Slip and fall accidents are a constant threat, damaging to human health, and expensive to business. Laws and Government campaigns have been created to ensure that every business that employs staff or has visitors to their premises protects them against slipping and falling. If you invite someone to your home and they slip and fall you could also be legally at risk.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What measures have you taken to prevent slips and falls in your work premises , and in your own home?
  • How would you feel if an employee or visitor slipped and sustained a life shattering injury?
  • What would it cost if you or one of your staff or visitors slipped and fell and it could have been prevented?
  • What legal risks are you exposing yourself to by not ensuring diligence and protection against slips and falls?

Protect yourself and others from slip and fall accidents

TREADSUREā„¢ slip resistance testing and professional floor cleaning services reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, ensures you are complying with the relevant safety regulations and protecting workers and visitors from often tragic slip and fall accidents.

Don’t leave it to chance when you can have peace of mind. Contact us today.