Floor Safety Testing Services, Deep Cleaning and Anti Slip Treatment

We are the UK manufacturers of TREADSURE® Traction Enhancement products. We also provide floor safety testing, floor deep cleaning and anti slip solutions for commercial, industrial and residential clients. For any of these services or products please contact us.

TREADSURE® Anti-slip Treatment

TREADSURE® Anti-Slip is colourless, odourless, affordable and easy to apply to slippery floors and footwear. This unique anti-slip nanotechnology increases traction, therefore reducing the risk of slips and falls without changing the colour or physical properties of the surface (no etching).

You can arrange an installation or Do-It-Yourself. Also available to purchase on Amazon.

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TREADSURE® is used for treating indoor and outdoor surfaces including; marble, ceramic, linoleum, steel plate, stone, timber decking, fibreglass and most plastics.

Used in; restaurants, kitchens, bathrooms, pool and spa surrounds, gyms, factories, offices, schools, universities, hospitals, care homes, boat decks and marinas, theatre stages, studios. Anywhere there is a solid surface and a slip hazard TREADSURE® will reduce slipping hazards.

No Etching Anti-Slip

treadsure anti-slip surface treatment

No surface etching, no damage.

TREADSURE® Anti-Slip is not an etching product and is used where it is important not to change the physical properties of the surface such as; listed buildings, historic monuments and high shine surfaces. No etching means no permanent changes or damage to surfaces.

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No Cumbersome Attachments

Anti-Slip Your Footwear

Keep yourself and the ones you care about safe by treating footwear with TREADSURE®, the only* liquid product applied to the soles of footwear to reduce the risk of slipping. Because this is a liquid treatment there are no cumbersome, unsightly attachments and no trip hazards. Apply TREADSURE® to your footwear to increase traction, thereby reducing the risk of slipping and falling. Suitable for all types of footwear for work, home or leisure.

Fast Easy Application


Easily Applied

Floors and Other Solid Surfaces

TREADSURE® Anti-slip floor treatment can be completed in less than 2 hours with little interruption to regular foot traffic. In business this results in minimal downtime and loss of production. No special skills or equipment are required, therefore treatment can be completed by anyone physically able to use a pump spray, mop and bucket. Read and download instructions.


Application of TREADSURE® to footwear is an overnight procedure, requiring minimal time to setup and treat your footwear. Read and download the easy instructions.

Add TREADSURE® Anti-Slip to Your Routine Safety Procedures

treadsure trademark,anti-slip products,safety productsInclude TREADSURE® in your routine safety procedures for the prevention of slips and falls in your workplace, home or when in the pursuit of leisure activities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep others safe when they are working or visiting your premises. A slip and fall accident is harmful to the person that falls and could also cost you financially if a claim is lodged. Read about the importance of protecting against slip and fall accidents.

*at the time of publishing no other product on the market could be identified as being effective when applied to the soles of footwear.

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