TREADSURE™ was well received by Heathrow Corporation facilitation providers at the Heathrow Business Summit held in Derbyshire in November 2017.

This was out first physical demonstration of the features and benefits of TREADSURE™ and was conducted by company co-founder and director Michael Burgess. We were very pleased with the positive reactions and comments from an initially skeptical audience.

The demonstration was conducted for representatives of the Heathrow Procurement Team, Amalga, Morgan Sindall and Mace.

The benefits and features identified by the the attendees were;

  • traction efficacy of the product in both wet and dry conditions
  • ease of application and no requirements for special equipment or special training
  • minimal interruption to normal business operations during and after application
  • no visible or physical change to the original surface
  • no trip hazards present, unlike anti-slip mats
  • cost savings on both surface treatment and potential slip and fall claims

Areas of application identified:

  • Passenger concourse
  • Kitchens and Wetrooms
  • Emergency escape stairs
  • Scaffolding
  • Staff amenities

TREADSURE™ is an innovative anti-slip solution to treating slippery floors in both indoor and outdoor locations, providing enhanced traction in both wet and dry conditions.

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